Monday, 21 June 2010

Synergise New Feature on Oregon Caves

I have just spend the morning editing my travel site and publishing the latest feature article on the Oregon Caves National Monument by Randy Kohl. They sound to be quite an experience. Over here in England it is considerably warmer than the 7°C of the caves. If you're anywhere near Oregon, this looks like an attraction well worth a visit.

Life is Good especially for the Wren!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the air is fresh, and even getting back to work after a week's break in Wales, near the Elan Valley, is not so bad as I take a coffee break and sit on the swinging seat in the garden for a moment. A blackbird is building a nest under the arbour by the kitchen and a wren is busy preparing to nest in one of the two nesting boxes right outside my garden office window - yes, a wren, not the tit family as planned and who have raised there family nearby. Last year there was a brood of coal tits in the same box but this year they have decided to take lodgings elsewhere, leaving a vacancy - despite much examination and discussion. So it is great to see the latecoming wren showing considerable interest. I was most surprised and couldn't believe my eyes. Lots of stuff being taken in. Perhaps it was because I was away for a week and the garden was quiet that it decided to nest there. I do hope my presence will not put it off this week! As I sit at my desk I can watch the space near the box out of the corner of my eye. Oh yes, there you are again! Make the bed well!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi. Welcome to my blog. It's pretty empty right now because I 'm just setting things up. But to find out more about me and my debut novel 'SANDMAN', please visit my website

This atmospheric novel is a psychological thriller set in and around Christchurch and Mudeford Sandbank, on the south coast of England. My website includes a lot of information about this real setting. Others have said my style lies somewhere between Ian McEwan and Minette Walters. I wouldn't comment on that. My style is just my style. Although my debut novel is a psychological thriller, my next planned novel is very different. My output is always likely to be eclectic to stave off boredom - I could never write a series - but it will always focus on character: with a good plot to give the novel direction.

Ian Kingsley is a pseudonym: because no one can ever spell my real surname correctly! I have published 5 previous non-fiction books (long ago) but my ambition, from a child, has always been to write fiction. At last!