Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Spain's Stolen Babies

Watch the heartbreaking documentary about babies stolen at birth and sold, complicit with Catholic priests, nuns and doctors, on BBB2 tonight. See more details here. Mothers thought their baby did not live. Babies grew up thinking their parents were their blood parents. Large amounts of money were exchanged. And from Franco's time until 1990s. DNA evidence has proven this went on. Rumour has it 30,000 babies are involved.

I am thoroughly shocked that this could go on, especially within the Catholic Church. But then this is hardly the first scandal to have hit the Catholic Church. Which makes me so sad. No, I am not Catholic, but I am a Christian, and the aspect that I want to write about this morning is that people without a religion should not judge the religion by things like this. Take any large group of people (say Germans) and if you judge them by one person (say their once dictator - Hitler), and you misjudge many. Within any large group there will always be evil people, and the Catholic Church is, I imagine, the largest 'group' in the world.

In a very large barrel of apples there are liable to be some bad ones, but do not blame the type of barrel for this. Watch how evil can spread, however.

There is far more good than bad in the Church. Keep a sense of proportion. However, it would be good to see all those who are involved in such scandals brought to justice. That requires honesty, not cover-ups. Extract all the bad apples. All Christians should pray for the best possible outcome as a result of this emerging scandal. I trust they will follow the money trail in any resulting investigation. And we must pray there will be an exhaustive investigation - although, something tells me, this may not happen in a hurry.

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