Thursday, 6 October 2011

SANDMAN Extract #6 (from Chapter 2)

Here is the latest extract from my psychological thriller: SANDMAN:

He moved soundlessly between the backs of the two rows of huts, peering into windows. The next one rewarded him with the sight of a girl: a teenager, a beautiful blonde with a shapely little waist and a bottom that wiggled as she descended some varnished steps from an upper level. He liked the way she moved. Tight blue jeans. Very nice.

Then he realised this was the hut of the family with the bouncy dog. The beautiful woman was doing something at the sink with her back to him, and the man was moving things around at the front of the hut.

It took him by surprise when the girl jumped down the last few steps and turned towards him. He saw her eyes widen as they engaged with his. He grinned back at her before ducking away from the window. Time to go.

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