Thursday, 28 October 2010

Help boost your favourite author's books - by clicking Amazon tags

If you like an author's work, there is a very quick and easy way you can help give him/her a vital boost: via 'Amazon tags'. This is a simple way to help make his/her books sell better, and that can only lead to more books from that author!

Just scroll down any Amazon book page and you will eventually find a heading called 'Tags Customers Associate with This Product'. Beneath this are the 'tags' that readers have already associated with that book. (If the link 'see all tags' is there then click this to see them all.) The idea is that when people use search phrases matching these tags, the results will include that particular book; but Amazon takes the number of times a tag is placed against a book as a 'vote' for that tag's validity. As a result, tagging a book by just confirming existing tags helps that book to rise a little higher in relevant search results—and to sell more copies. You can add new tags if you like. Lots of people assume it is pointless tagging if the tag already exists, but this explains that is far from the case.

So, on a personal basis, please, if you enjoyed my novel SANDMAN, it would be really great if you 'tagged' it by confirming as many of the tags you think appropriate. This won't take you a moment—just a few clicks of your time—and those clicks and ticks will go a long way towards making it more likely I will be able to get more novels published in the future through greater sales of SANDMAN. Thank you so much if you can help in this way! Just go to either the American or UK book page for SANDMAN to do this.

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