Thursday, 14 October 2010

20 Little Mysteries of Life

Time for a smile? Here are 20 Little Mysteries of Life. If you know of any better ones (that will also be meaningful in the UK), then please feel free to suggest them and I will update weak mysteries with better ones. (They are not in any particular order.) Revised Mysteries will have an asterisk (*) placed in front of them.

1) Why some Amazon Associates offer used copies of books at up to twice the price of new ones.

2) Why anyone would buy used copies of books at more than new copies.

3) Why celebs you haven't heard of for years are so 'in your face' once they've published their autobiography.

4) Why no one ever parks in Coronation Street unless it is time for their car's annual outing.

5) Why 'Corrie' people have a car when they only use it once a year.

6) Where 'Corrie' people park their cars when they're not using them.

7) Why something will always go wrong if you expect it.

8)  Where Ross and Phoebie live in 'Friends'.

9) Why important Wimbledon tennis matches move between channels so you can't record them if you are out.

10) How children develop selective hearing from such an early age.

11) Why the UK government sees no correlation between sex education given at ever younger ages and an ever increasing number of children born to under-age youngsters.

12) Why payments for works of art are inversely proportional to the time it takes to create them. (For example, a year to write a book, or a morning to compose a pop song.)

13) Why publishers are always looking for something new and fresh yet abhor anything not readily identifiable by genre.

14) Why TV ads are always much louder than programmes.

15) Why children's voices are always so much louder than adult's.

16) Why women think they are logical and men think they are empathetic.

17) Why it is impossible to pick the shortest queue.

18) Why only English children are born with an innate ability to queue.

19) Why the diameter of a lad's car's exhaust is inversely proportional to their brain power.

20) Why dogs are born to chase cats.

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