Thursday, 22 September 2011

SANDMAN Extract #3 (from Chapter 1)

Here is the latest extract from my psychological thriller: SANDMAN:

The crouching figure stared across the narrow strip of beach. Bright moonlight was forcing him to take cover in the shallow dunes. Although fierce flurries of sand occasionally stung his face, he still considered the conditions to be perfect. While the wind was not wild enough to compromise his mission, it was sufficiently blustery to cover any inadvertent sound he might make. He breathed slowly and deeply to calm himself and to fill his lungs with oxygen before he took action. He loved the tangy freshness of the sea and the sound of its alternate crashing and hissing; he smiled when the thought occurred to him that it sounded rather like his father’s wheezing and snoring.

Totally focused, he was ready to move. He knew his dark jacket and jeans made him practically invisible at night. He always took special care on missions. Tonight he needed to gather information and then get out by boat.

When a cloud temporarily obscured the moon, he slipped across the sand to the long line of beach huts. He could now move down their entire length without being seen: as silently as the most highly trained member of the SAS. Time for an update on those he called ‘hut-dwellers’. The mission was on.

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