Friday, 13 August 2010

My novel, 'SANDMAN', is now available to purchase

My novel, 'SANDMAN' is now available to order. Yes! At last we got there. For details of this psychologcal thriller and how to buy it, please click here. I hope it will at least get into the shops near the real location in Dorset, England, during August, but if you are interested, just order it now from Amazon or any good bookshop.

The unreadable stuff near the bottom of the cover image shown right  is the following endorsement from Sophie King, bestselling author of The Wedding Party:

'A gripping psychological read with characters that reach out and grab you. A real page-turner.'

(Thanks a lot for that, Sophie!)

Here is a copy of the rear cover blurb:

Lazing through hot summer days at their beach hut, life seems just about perfect for the Vincent family - until their peace is shattered by murder. An incident between Paul Vincent and Stevie Clarke - an unbalanced beachcomber known by some as 'The Sandman' - leads Paul to inform the police he believes Clarke is the murderer. This provokes frightening and prolonged reprisals against the family from Clarke. Matters deteriorate further when Leah, Paul’s teenage daughter, unwittingly reveals evidence to the police that implicates her own father. This gripping psychological thriller places turbulent emotions in stark contrast to beautiful surroundings, testimony to the fragile nature of tranquility.

*   *   *
‘SANDMAN touches our primary emotions: jealousy, love, fear, guilt, hatred, and grief... Kingsley has written an intriguing mystery/psychological thriller with interesting, believable and well-developed characters. There are twists, turns, red herrings, and a healthy dose of hair-raising fear and suspense to keep even the most fickle reader captivated. The dialogue is authentic, and, along with the scene-painting narrative, you’ll feel like you’re on the beach witnessing the unfolding action’

-WILLIAM POTTER, Reader’s Choice Book Reviews

* * *

The author's website,, reveals the beautiful settings used for this novel at Mudeford Sandbank and Hengistbury Head in Dorset, England.

* * *

Please check this novel out. Thanks! If you buy it, I do hope you enjoy it - and that I hear from you!

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