Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

Hi. Welcome to my blog. It's pretty empty right now because I 'm just setting things up. But to find out more about me and my debut novel 'SANDMAN', please visit my website IanKingsley.com.

This atmospheric novel is a psychological thriller set in and around Christchurch and Mudeford Sandbank, on the south coast of England. My website includes a lot of information about this real setting. Others have said my style lies somewhere between Ian McEwan and Minette Walters. I wouldn't comment on that. My style is just my style. Although my debut novel is a psychological thriller, my next planned novel is very different. My output is always likely to be eclectic to stave off boredom - I could never write a series - but it will always focus on character: with a good plot to give the novel direction.

Ian Kingsley is a pseudonym: because no one can ever spell my real surname correctly! I have published 5 previous non-fiction books (long ago) but my ambition, from a child, has always been to write fiction. At last!

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