Thursday, 2 May 2013

The Downside of Celebrity Book Endorsements

Here's a little story for you. My forthcoming novel, 'Flying a Kite', is due out in July. I had the following great cover endorsement from a high profile celebrity already sitting on what was to be the final draft of the cover:

'It is wonderful that a well written and entertaining novel can also demonstrate the reality of an afterlife and that science and a creator are complementary. It will no doubt open the minds of many that there is so much more to life than can be witnessed by the six senses.'
How fantastic was that? People all over the world knew this person. A two month unexpected delay then occurred as a result of a publisher issue which was beyond my control. During this delay, my celebrity was suddenly the subject of very negative publicity and was eventually charged with a criminal offence. (I'm not about to tell you who it was, or the offence. In the fullness of time, the person may, of course, be proved innocent.) Both my publisher and myself realised this endorsement was therefore no longer an asset. Far from it. The person in question was kind, polite, generally regarded as a really nice person. Then this. As a result I must now forgo that wonderful endorsement. Thankfully I still have a number of fantastic endorsements from a number of authors to go on the cover, and I am so grateful to these persons.

It is too late to find a high profile celebrity to add his or her stamp to the cover - but not on the website or publicity material. So if anyone out there is willing to step into the breach, please contact me via my website, and I will be pleased to send you a copy for review.

Anyone who wants to know more about 'Flying a Kite' should navigate to information via the 'Books' menu option on my author website at I am adding much more material all the while and a lot more information will be appear on my website over the coming month.

The object of this post is to warn authors there are upsides and downsides to celebrity endorsement. Choose with care. It's a great upside to have a celebrity endorsement, but the downside is that because they are so much in the public eye, if something goes wrong, you might regret it. I am so glad that a hand greater much greater than mine introduced the delay in my publication process which enabled me to publish without featuring this particular downside!


  1. The only problem with celebrity endorsements is that current events may overtake the slow process of bringing a book to publication. Which is beyond the control of even God (should he / she / it exist), even in today's post-Jimmy Saville world where everybody can and may be tainted by anything. Guilty or not.

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